The Freemasons Handbook of Toasts, Speeches and Responses by Yasha Beresiner

Handbook of Toasts, Speeches and Responses

This book contains a complete set of fully adaptable toasts and responses to toasts, lasting about four minutes each, that the Freemasons can use at short notice at the festive board. It contains multiple versions of all possible Masonic toasts including, the toast to the initiate, the toast to the guests, the response on behalf of the guests, the toasts to the worshipful master and many more. The book is written in the inimitable style of professional Speechmaker and public speaker, Yasha Beresiner, author of the bestselling Masonically Speaking, which means that each and every toast is witty and entertaining and easy to perform and adapt to one’s own needs. Continue reading

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A Pennsylvania Masonic Handbook: The Personal Ahiman Rezon by Robert E. Burtt

This book answers questions that many new Freemasons have asked themselves: “What do I do now? What are my options in the Brotherhood? Where can I contribute my talents?” Too often, new members are left to search on their own. “A Pennsylvania Masonic Handbook” offers practical advice on lodge membership, covers ritual, and gives thumbnail explanations of Masonic customs and practices within the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. It also is of interest for worldwide Freemasons seeking knowledge about the customs and history of the largest U.S. Grand Lodge. Furthermore it contains much that would interest the general reader seeking information about Freemasonry. Continue reading

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