How to "recruit" members?
Visibility in the community. 71 votes. (27.95 %) 27.95 %
Visibility on the media 20 votes. (7.87 %) 7.87 %
Friend to friend 122 votes. (48.03 %) 48.03 %
Non-members knowing they must ask for a petition 41 votes. (16.14 %) 16.14 %
Total votes: 254
Does Freemasonry deal in Spirituality?
Before voting you could read
Do you think that Freemasons prefer fellow Masons at the expense of others in giving jobs, promotions, contracts and the like?
What effect will the Lost Symbol, the new novel of Dan Brown, have on Freemasonry?
How is the official website of your Grand Lodge?
How many books about Freemasonry do you read per year?
Many Lodges have held their last meeting before the summer recess. Did you have a successful and satisfying season?
The whole focus of Masonic Mentoring is to enable the new mason to grow in knowledge, involvement and confidence. Have your Grand Lodge a Mentoring Scheme?
A Grand Master Mason should be paid for his service to the Craft?
In the rush to publicize the fraternity on the media, have we failed to think more carefully about the function of our secret tradition?
Have you ever thought to move to another Lodge?
Is Masonry a fraternal society or an esoteric society?
How do you perform your ritual in Lodge?
In Freemasonry attracting new members is not the issue; retaining members is the problem, expectations not met perhaps?
Anglo-Saxon Masonry does not encourage debate in Lodge, not of Masonic matters and certainly not of anything to do with society. Is this way of practising the Craft in tune with the 21st century?
Is the Royal Arch an integral part of Craft masonry, its completion and the final step in pure ancient Masonry?
Freemasonry is an initiatic system of self-knowledge. Have the majority of the brethren really a lifestyle noticeably different from the cowans?
If Masonry is not only a system of morality, what is it?
Is Freemasonry only a peculiar system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols?
The ritualistic explanation is virtually non-existent in contemporary Masonic Lodges.
Is the public perception of Freemasonry improved in the last five years?
Open communication is important to the way we are perceived. Has your Grand Lodge an open approach on communication?
Many Lodges have held their last meeting before the summer recess. Did you have a successful and satisfying season?
I am convinced that is basic to fulfill our Masonic education to join a Rite or a Degree beyond the Craft.
Brethren climb through the offices and pass through the Chair of their Lodge. Do you think Masonry instils leadership qualities in its members?
In this age of openness should we discuss the purpose of our rituals with a candidate before he decides whether to join?
Do candidates have to write papers and answer questions on the ceremony they have experienced before they are allowed to move to the next degree?
Contemporary Freemasonry has strayed from its original purpose and no longer teaches the fundamental truths which underpin the Craft.
A lecture given to your Lodge meeting has been:
You are Member of the Craft. Would you advise your best friend to join Freemasonry?
When your Lodge meets, it mainly works:
Your Lodge meeting usually is:
Does E-masonry (Freemasonry on the internet) add anything to traditional Freemasonry as is?
Which is your favourite aspect of Freemasonry?
According to your opinion the Mark Degree has to be taken:
Would you buy a second hand car from a Freemason?
As rule, Masons don't recruit. The way to become a Mason is to ask a Mason about joining. Would you like to change the 2be1ask1 rule?
Is there evidence of influences from the ancient Mysteries, the ancient Egyptians, the Knights Templar, in early English speculative Freemasonry?
Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry is become a “body without a soul”, having lost its philosophic impulse and is obsessed by form, procedure, ritualism.
Has Freemasonry a "plan of salvation" in opposition to that of the Christian Church?
Who can join Freemasonry?
Why do people join Freemasonry?
The ritual is a shared experience which binds the members together but..Is our masonic ritual out of place in a modern society?
The secrets of Freemasonry are concerned with its traditional modes of recognition, anyway do you think that Freemasonry is a secret society?
On favouritism: Do you think that Freemasons prefer fellow Masons at the expense of others in giving jobs, promotions, contracts and the like?
Freemasons state: Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. According your opinion is Freemasonry incompatible with religion ?
Many US G.Ls. have adopted "One Day Classes" and initiate, pass and raise candidates in a single day as members of an audience.Do you agree?
A Masonic website has to be approved by a G.Lodge Committee?
What should be the right criteria to elect the Worshipful Master of your Lodge?
Regular Grand Lodges accept only men.Do you think that during this century they will change their mind and will accept also women?

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