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Masonic Quiz #1 - Test Your Masonic Education
Masonic Quiz #2


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1. When has the United Grand Lodge of England been founded?

The 25th June 1717 at Goose and Gridiron Tavern, London
It was formed in 1751 but its first Grand Master was not elected until two years later.
The 27th December 1813 . Act of Union between Antients and Moderns.

2. What is the meaning of the Hebrew characters in the arms of the U.G.L. of England?

Holiness to the Lord
God bless the Queen
God bless our Fraternal Order

3. Is the Immediate Past Master a regular Officer of the Lodge?

Yes, of course
Only if the by-laws of the lodge state so.
No. The Officers are : the Master, two Wardens, a Treasurer, a Secretary, two Deacons, an Inner Guard and a Tyler.

4. Whose property is the Warrant of a Lodge?

The Worshipful Master
The Grand Master
The Lodge

5. About Domatic Ritual, Royal Arch. Where does the word Domatic come from?

Dogmatic because it is the correct Royal Arch ritual
Scotland and was used there to describe operative stonemasons as apart from Geomatic or Gentleman masons.
Dom Pernety, who made the ritual

6. How many stars has the Grand Master's chain?


7. Which is the Grand Lodge recognized as regular in Italy by United Grand Lodge of England?

Grand Lodge of Italy
Grand Orient of Italy
The Regular Grand Lodge of Italy

8. Have you to be a Mark Master Mason before being exalted into the Royal Arch in Scotland?

Yes, it is the rule
No, because the Grand Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Scotland are separated bodies.
On the contrary, to be Mark Master Mason , you have to be exalted into a Chapter before.

9. Which is the correct position of the Tracing-Boards in the Lodge?

In front of the Junior Warden's pedestial
Must be displayed on the floor
There is not a rule and position varies quite considerably

10. What do you intend by the words Most Excellent Master?

The title of the Master of the lodge
A degree practised in England within the Order of the Royal and Select Masters
The title of the Junior Grand Warden

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