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Masonic Education
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Post Masonic Education 
I have been involved in some interesting discussions with brothers in an education committee and a question of what types of lodge education programs have been completed for the brothers that are not about Masonry. The example I share is from a lodge I belong to, a Brother came to the lodge and the presentation was about WWII and his experiences. This was not about Masonry but I found it very interesting and enjoyable.

The question I ask is what other Brothers have attended a lodge education presentation that was not Masonic and what was the presentation about. The purpose is to provide ideas for my to draw on in the future and for other brothers to draw on now.


Bro. Shawn Carrick
Red Wing Lodge No. 8
Red Wing, MN

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Brother Carrick

I have seen a presentation about the way our eyes work and how they can be affected by various conditions health wise, I have also seen a presentation by a brother describing the design process and how the idea went from concept to installation as a educational exhibition, to name a couple.

It is my belief that we need to really consider the charge in the Fellowcraft degree " to study the liberal arts and sciences" in act as well as in word and bring some of this light to our education. We had a great session on how to move about the lodge how to time and pace oneself regarding the physical aspects of moving about, Physical ritual if you will.

If we do not give this some attention as we move forward we will increasingly struggle with newer members who approach our temple, The key is to promote some discussion afterwards.

"The reason however of meeting in the lodge is of a twofold nature, namely moral instruction and social intercourse, our meetings are intended to cultivate and enlighten the mind"

Good luck with adding more educational presentations, ask your members what they do outside of masonry what are their professions or vocations we had a stone mason come and give an amazing demonstration of building a wall right in the lodge room and his talk and philosophizing about the work in freemasonry blended so wonderfully with his building.

Just a couple of ideas.

Fraternally Michael Mott

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