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How do you bring Inactive Maosns, back to lodge?
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Post How do you bring Inactive Maosns, back to lodge? 
Some states have a "Rusty Nail Degree"

One interesting technique for bringing back inactive masons, is used in Virginia (and other places). It is called "Rusty Nail Night". A special dinner meeting is scheduled. ALL masons in your lodge, are invited. You go through your lodge records, and get the postal address, and phone number of all of the masons in your lodge who have not attended in the last 12 months ( or attended only sporadically). Every inactive Mason is sent a written invitaton and also telephoned and emailed. If any mason needs assistance in attending, like a ride to/from lodge, it is scheduled.

The dinner is served, and after the meal, all are invited into the lodge room. A brief class is held, to help the brothers through the various grips/signs/passwords, sort of a "refresher course". A BRIEF talk is made, on what the lodge is up to- How many new men are being made masons, what types of special activities are coming up in the next months. Basically all of the "rusty nails", are given a chance to polish up on their masonic skills, and brought up to date on the status of the lodge.

Each individual attendee is personally thanked by the WM, and invited back for all of the upcoming regular and stated meetings. All of his masonic records (address, phone, email) is updated. Every attendee is sent a personal "thank-you note" from the WM/Secretary, and a calendar of all of the upcoming events.

It is an axiom in politics- PEOPLE LIKE TO BE ASKED! Some men have been absent from lodge for so long, that they have possibly forgotten some of the signs/grips/passwords, and are too shy or embarrassed to attend. Some older men, may not be able to get out at night.

It is good psychology, to make people feel special. When you make a "fuss" over them, they will be so impressed, that they just might turn out to be regularly attending Masons again!

I urge you to discuss it with your WM, and see if your lodge can host a "Rusty Nail" night!!


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