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The best and worst of contemporary Freemasonry
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Post The best and worst of contemporary Freemasonry 
Dear Brethren and Friends,

On PS Review of FM is online the new column of Bro. Gerald Reilly

The title is: The best and worst of contemporary Freemasonry.

Bro. Reilly, with Bro. Josh Heller, wrote the book "The Temple That
Never Sleeps", a radical interpretation of Freemasonry as a cultural

I would like to start an open discussion about this subject on this
forum and therefore your opinion is welcome and requested.


The best and worst of contemporary Freemasonry
by Bro. Gerald Reilly

"...a sad parody... a poor pastiche."

Without a doubt, the term "contemporary Freemasonry" provides a
dilemma: perhaps a dichotomy; even a full-bodied dialectic. That is
to say, there cannot be a difference between "Freemasonry"
and "contemporary Freemasonry"? Surely it must be accepted that
Freemasonry is a social phenomenon arising from a cultural milieu. It
represents the hopes and aspirations of its generation to pursue its
vision for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, the
only Freemasonry that can be real is "contemporary Freemasonry"; that
is to say, if the contemporary practice of Freemasonry is not in
accord with the spirit of the age then it is but a sad parody of
Freemasonry - a poor pastiche.

"...Freemasonry is for the morally upwardly mobile..."

What is best about contemporary Freemasonry is three-fold. Firstly
that it is ontological - it is! Secondly, it has the epistemology to
build the buildings that are fit for today's purposes - it has the
knowledge. And thirdly, eschatology - it gives us hope to build for
the future.

Freemasonry exists - Rejoice! Its potential, possibilities and
promise are there residing, in some form, in each mason. Perhaps it
is but embryonic - perhaps encumbered with much ado about nothing -
perhaps awaiting an energisation through inspiration.

To read the whole column

Sincerely & Fraternally
R.W.Bro. Bruno Gazzo
Editor, PS Review of FM
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