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Of That Which Was Lost
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Post Of That Which Was Lost 
One of the often-misinterpreted meanings of the drama of the Third Degree is the belief that it represented the concept of immortality. One has to remember that at the end of the tragedy, the main character were eventualy given a decent burial. Nothing was stated or even implied that he came back from death. The acacia tree was given to us as a reminder of the "spirit or soul of man who will leave when time shall be no more." The acacia represents the immortality.

Although the story evolved around the main character and activities surrounding the unfortunate event, the main lesson was not really about the "truly exalted and exemplary character," of the celebrated Artist. An argument can be advance that the central issue was not even mentioned in the drama. One has to take note of what was recovered was the replacement of the Lost Word. An elaborate ritual was developed and illustrated for substitute of the Lost Master's Word until the future ages may discover the right one. In a contemplating the finale, we are inspired to ask the question of what was the True Word and thereby, inducing the rational thinking mind to Search of that which was Lost.

For full article, follow the link at:

Rudy Olano
Lincoln Lodge No. 34 (Phil)
Hanford Lodge No. 279 (CA)

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I quite enjoyed the article, but I suspect there is something deeper in the allegory.

The "lost words" are hidden in plain sight, since two other Grand Masters survived (KH and KS). The surviving Fellowcraft needed only to ask the right question of the right person, at the right time (ready to become a Master), in order to obtain the genuine secrets.

There is a hidden implication that humanity is not yet ready for the lost words, since we do not have them yet.

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