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W.Bro. George Helmer FPS
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On February 18, 2002, W.Bro. George Leonard Helmer of Edmonton passed away at the age of 45 years.

George was a very active Freemason in Canada, who scanned many old Masonic books and magazines, and posted the results of his scans for the education of everyone about Freemasonry.

The following is a eulogy to George L. Helmer that was delivered during an online memorial "lodge of sorrow" on March 16, 2002:


On February 18th last, the Grand Architect of the Universe summoned our dear Brother, and beloved friend, George Leonard Helmer, to surrender the working tools of life, and join with him, in that House not made with Hands, eternal, in the heavens.

The void left in our brotherhood is immeasurable, and so, in due and fitting tribute to our esteemed Brother, we offer this final memorial in tribute and respect to his well-spent life here on Earth.

Just a scant 45 years old, Brother George joined the Craft when he was 34. He quickly started to combine his two loves of life, Masonry and the computer, setting up one of the first Masonic Bulletin Board Systems worldwide, and the first such BBS in Canada. And it was there that I first met Brother George, among the twisted cables, and noisy modem sounds that pre-dated the modern technology of the Internet.

Active in local Masonry, it wasn’t long before Brother George served his lodge, Norwood No. 90, of the Grand Registry of Alberta, as Worshipful Master. Soon after, he served his Royal Arch Chapter, Norwood No. 18, as First Principal. He was also active in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Edmonton.

But, his love for the technology of the computer, and his skills with a scanner, are what gave to Brother George his greatest notoriety. For across the world, Brothers and Sisters read magnificent passages from times gone by, simply because Brother George had taken the time to take those well worn Masonic publications of by-gone days, and preserve their most valuable content for generations to enjoy. As a testimony to his un-tiring devotion to preserve these publications, Brother George was presented a most distinguished honor, by being named as the 362nd recipient of the Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue-Forget-Me Not. A list of Brothers that included such notable company as Brother Rudyard Kipling, and Brother Alan E. Roberts.

Brother George’s work has given to the Craft some marvelous references. He created the compilation of the first 50 years of “The Philalethes” magazine, still sold by the Society, and for this three year labor, his works in the preservation of historical texts, and dedication to the Society, Brother Helmer was named a Fellow of the Philalethes Society, of which there can be no more than 40 worldwide. And upon his passing, the Society established the “George Helmer Memorial Fund” to further the charitable works of the Society.

From which we all have seen his most simple email signature:

George Helmer FPS
PM Norwood #90 GRA
PZ Norwood #18 RAM

Not content to rest upon his laurels, and in spite of his declining health, Brother Helmer continued his efforts to preserve the past. He scanned the complete collection of “The Builder” which was published from 1915 to 1930, and generously donated the entire collection to the Masonic Leadership Center, so that they could continue their works in the education of Masons worldwide.

His last project, the status of which is still uncertain, was his scanning of “The Master Mason” which was published from 1924 to 1930. We hope that this information can be found, and preserved for the Craft.

Brother George never married. He lived with his dog in Edmonton until his passing. He leaves to mourn his loss, his mother, Bertha Hinz of Edmonton, and his sister, Elsie Rose, also of Edmonton, and the great multitude of the Craft, which will remember and honor his name. His public memorial service was held in Edmonton on March 7th.

They are not dead who live
In hearts they leave behind.
In those whom they have blessed
They shall live again,
And shall live through the years
Eternal life, and grow
Each day more beautiful
As times declare their good,
Forgets the rest, and proves
Their immortality.

Soft and safe to you, my Brother, be this earthly bed. Bright and glorious be your rising from it. Fragrant be the acacia’s bloom which here shall flourish. May the earliest buds of spring unfold their beauties o’er your resting place, and here may the fragrance of the summer’s latest rose linger longest. Though the cold blasts of autumn may lay them in the dust, and for a time, destroy the loveliness of their existence, yet the destruction is not final and in the springtime, they will surely bloom again. So, in the morning of the world’s resurrection, your mortal frame, now laid low in the dust, by the chilling blasts of death, shall spring again into the newness of life and unfold in immortal beauties in realms beyond the sky. Until then dear Brother Helmer, fare thee well, fare thee well, fare thee well.

March 16, AL 6002

Sincerely & Fraternally
R.W.Bro. Bruno Gazzo
Editor, PS Review of FM
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